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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Fountain of Youth?

I had a very interesting encounter last night and felt compelled to share it this morning. I have found myself at age 53, in a manner that is surprising to me, embracing the idea of aging. I have written about it here before but this was so wonderful that I wanted to share it with you.

While having a glass of wine at Gigi’s, I was approached by a much older woman. Her age was impossible to tell. While her skin and white hair spoke of a very old woman, her smile and countenance were mesmerizing and I was enraptured! I was in the presence of someone wise and loving and extremely beautiful. Her eyes smiled and the glow around her was radiating love as if from some celestial being. Sounds corny but I still think of her face this morning and can’t help but smile.

Her skin, translucent and wrinkled was like the bark of a wonderful old tree, it added to her beauty in a way that transfixed me. Like a child she was bubbling over with enthusiasm about a book my friend was reading that related to Quantum Physics. She spoke of having discovered it many years earlier and how it had changed her life, she was delighted with herself for being so open minded and ahead of her time, her spirit was contagious.

I could not take my eyes off her and I felt revived in a way that I have only experienced when embracing nature and its beauty. It felt like being with an old forest and young wood nymph both at the same time, and in that moment I believe I was forever changed, which would fit with quantum physics and perhaps I have taken a bit of her away with me.

She was young and vivacious and old and wise all at once and somehow it made me look forward to growing older. It was like she had discovered the fountain of youth. While it did not stop the aging process, it allowed her to love and embrace life with the eyes and excitement of a child. To never stop learning and to excitedly share what she had learned with those around her. I knew that I wanted to have that affect on others when I am old and it made me look with longing at the prospect of it.

So a little old woman who took the time to share a moment of her joy with me has changed my life, and my hope is that more of us will find that joy each day of our life’s until we are as old and beautiful as she.


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