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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Portrait of Melancholy

The poem below is one that I wrote sometime ago but have resurrected for a writing assignment in revision. It was interesting to pick it up and feel that I was at the same emotional place once again. The difference this time is that I have taken action to move my life forward. I have joined classes, groups, and started this blog. The sadness that one feels when a relationship ends or changes is still there but the excitement of knowing that I have grown and the future is bright and hopeful make the melancholy more a sense of reflection, and emotional work than a sense of despair. I feel that the revisions to this poem have made it stronger and more touching, just as the revisions in my life over the past year have made me stronger and more in touch with the world around me. I hope the poem touches you in your moments of melancholy, but know that the rain always stops, the sun always shines again.

A Portrait of My Melancholy

leaden and gray, melds with my heart,
leafs reflecting the sultry green of rain
and the mists clinging to dusk,
speak of a time and place removed from here.

alive with the texture of colors
caresses my skin, enfolding my senses
in the desolate beauty of the moment,
and I am lulled by the song of the rain.

mysterious in costumes of haze
call to my spirit with tales
of clandestine encounters,
wisps of flowing silk glimpsed among the shadows
as she steals through this sensuous landscape,
ever searching, seeking,
held captive by the night.

suddenly bathes her, a silhouette in pearl
standing solo on the breast of the knoll,
painting in the midst of the rainy night
A portrait of my melancholy.

Conni Struss Johnson ©


Blogger Lisa said...

I love reading, especially things with emotions and feelings that I can relate too, and writings with meaning.

I read this and the words flowed over me, so beautiful and touching.

It captured my attention from the first moment and swept me into a world of melancholy and reflection, pulling me through to the end.

I don't know what else to say. Amazing.

2:04 AM  

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