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Thursday, March 09, 2006

50, Female & Fabulous

One of the things with which a woman of fifty-something must deal is societies discomfort with the aging process. We are constantly bombarded with the idea that we must fight the changing image of a woman that has lived longer than 30 or so years.

I was recently struck by a new commercial for a fast food chain that used Joan Rivers as the spokesperson, it was not in reality Joan but a much older woman that had not had any plastic enhancements. The catch line was that like the chicken used in their sandwiches, she had chosen to go natural. She had all the wrinkles and natural earmarks of a woman her age. The conclusion: natural only works for chickens.

I find this very offensive since I have no intention of changing my looks and would like society to stop harassing me for choosing to accept the character in which living a long and successful life clothes me. Many of the lines on our faces are the result of years of enjoying life, why should I be unhappy with the "laugh lines" and "crows feet", the impressions left by fond memories of smiling with the ones that I love.

Antiques are only valuable if they are left intact. The natural wood, the nicks and scatches, all the wear and tear clearly visable. We take new furniture and beat it up to make it appear worn, to possess the beauty of age, yet we want women to buff and grind and cut away any resemblence of the natural evolution of our bodies.

I have worked my way through many ups and downs to become the woman that I am, and I encourage my children to accept and embrace who they are and what they believe in. I will not be told that the vessel I wear is not acceptable. It is a tribute to my journey and I will wear it proudly. I am becoming a beautiful and valuable antique and any alterations would only lessen my value.

When I leave, I will leave authentic!



Anonymous Leslie said...

Hear, hear!!!!

At 57 years young, I will grow old at my own pace, not the pace society has set. And enjoy doing it, too...^-^

3:12 AM  

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